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Pam's Approach

Pam Virdi is trained in and draws upon a number of therapies to develop a treatment plan that will best fit your unique and individual needs.  She specialises in Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) and this has, in recent years become her preferred method of working.  EMDR has a strong evidence base for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) which is can be seen on the NICE website. As a treatment approach, EMDR is increasingly being used very effectively with a wide range of other mental health problems, including eating disorders.

Pam integrates and is proficient in an extensive range of

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therapies, which includes: psychodynamic, interpersonal therapy, hypnotherapy, cognitive-behavioural therapy, attachment-focussed EMDR, brainspotting and somatic experiencing. This blended approach enables her to address a wide range of psychological difficulties.

Pam is highly trained in EMDR and finds this treatment approach to be the most effective in quickly and effectively reducing distressing symptoms and restoring clients back into a state of wellness.


However, even with the power of EMDR, where problems are rooted in complex and difficult life histories, recovery will take longer and there is no quick fix. Pam does however, offer intensive EMDR therapy with increased length and frequency of appointments, which can help you to achieve your goals more quickly. Do discuss this option if you would like to consider this way of working

Pam will use the first one or two sessions with you to conduct a detailed psychological assessment. The purpose of this is to clearly understand the difficulties that have brought you to therapy, to explore where the roots of the problems are, to identify how the problems are being maintained in the present and to plan the most appropriate treatment interventions that will be the most helpful to your needs.

For general mental health advice please visit MIND Mental Health Charity.

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