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Eating Disorders Therapy

Pam has extensive specialist experience in the treatment of eating disorders of various types and degrees of severity.

Pam believes that while CBT-E and other mainstream treatment approaches, can help some clients, they in and of themselves are not sufficient for many clients to assist them into a full and complete recovery.  This is especially true for clients with anorexia nervosa who often struggle the most, to find a way out of the mindset which keeps them trapped, despite the fact that they are getting into medical risk territory and others are extremely worried about them. 


It is hard to understand the complexities of the inner world that keeps someone trapped in damaging eating disorder behaviours, without understanding trauma, which is often at the root of why the person must keep on doing what they are doing.


Sadly, trauma has been side-lined in the treatment of eating disorders for decades. The last book about the role of trauma in the development and maintenance of eating disorders was published 20 years ago. Pam and her colleague Andrew Seubert were keen to address this gap. By compiling the pioneering work of trauma-informed therapists from around the globe, Pam and Andrew co-edited a cutting-edge publication entitled ‘Trauma- Informed Approaches to Eating Disorders which was published in 2018 and can be purchased here.

Pam has learnt from her 28 years of working with eating disorder clients that it is vital to address this neglected aspect of treatment. She trained in EMDR 11 years ago and since then has been incorporating EMDR into her clinical work with excellent effect for many clients.

If you would like to discuss whether EMDR may be a useful addition to your treatment or the treatment of someone you care about, do get in touch.

If you would like to get more infomation on support available for eating disorders please visit here

When I first began my journey with Pam, I had anorexia and was fighting for my life. I was very unwell and thought I would never escape my problems. Pam introduced EMDR therapy into my life and over the months that followed my life was changing for the better in ways I could never have imagined possible 


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