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EMDR Supervision

Pam has been an EMDR UK Accredited Consultant & Clinical Supervisor for 10 years. She has extensive experience in facilitating both individual and group supervision for EMDR therapists working in the NHS and in private practice.  She is a highly experienced clinician, having for many years, worked at the complex end of the mental health spectrum.


Pam is keen to support both newly trained EMDR therapists and also those more experienced to skilfully apply EMDR to a broad range of clinical presentations and psychological difficulties. She has successfully facilitated a number of EMDR therapists in becoming Accredited Practitioners and is currently supporting some supervisees towards becoming EMDR Accredited Consultants. 


Doing the basic EMDR training gives you the nuts and bolts but supervision is where you really learn how to skilfully apply this wonderful, life-changing therapy.

If you choose to become an Accredited EMDR Practitioner, you can be listed on the therapist directory on the EMDR Association website. This can be a source of referrals, as people often search this directory for practitioners local to their area.


Pam offers both group and individual supervision in person, at her therapy office in South Birmingham, or online via video call or telephone. To get in touch please contact me here.


You can find more information about supervision, accreditation, EMDR CPD events and conferences on the EMDR website.

Pam helped me break down what felt overwhelmingly complex, and her nurturing, compassionate and valuing ways of relating have both inspired me and given me confidence in my practice. I always look forward to our meetings and leave them feeling seen and supported every time. 


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